Surf Costa Rica Nosara

When embarking on a surf trip abroad one of the surfing meccas in the world is Costa Rica. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, advanced surfer, or you have never surfed before, this wave rich country in Central America has a full gamut of options for you. Surfers far and wide flock to the Nicoya and Osa Peninsulas, known for their beautiful beaches, tranquil lifestyle and lush scenery, to ride some of the breaks made famous by the Movie Endless Summer Two.

Although there are plenty of “epic” spots for the daredevil surfer in Costa Rica, the majority of surf spots are mellow, soft and easy to ride because of the gradual incline of the sandy ocean floor below. One beach in particular, that offers amazing waves and conditions to surfers just learning to surf is Playa Nosara. Playa Nosara is located south of Tamarindo, in the Guanacaste Province on the Nicoya Peninsula. Once you arrive, by plane, shuttle, car or bus from San Jose, there are a variety of surf inspired accommodations to choose from,  as Aloha Surf Nosara. In fact, Nosara has been built around surfers and and ocean-lovers so you are likely to spend entire days in and around the surfing culture.

Not only does Nosara offer prime surf conditions at beaches like Playa Guiones, there are plenty of board rentals, surf schools, lessons and shops to choose from. Because Nosara is free of beach developments, it is tranquil and scenic, offering just the right blend of adventure and relaxation. The beach here is long and extends to more private beaches to the north with other options for waves. Conditions range from soft and mellow to offshore and hollow depending on the tides and swells.

Beginning surfers can expect to ride some of the longest waves of their life here, depending on the size of the swell, because of the way the wave breaks. On smaller swells or higher tides, waves here break softly on the outside and roll towards the shore, often “re-forming, offering many chances and places to catch and ride the wave. And as you improve your surfing skills, this very same break offers more advanced and rip-able waves on bigger swells. And with so many great surf schools to choose from, as Aloha Surf Nosara, is an easy choice for a great surf trip. Book your next trip to Nosara today!