Learn how to surf in Nosara

Nosara, Costa Rica is fast becoming a tourist attraction for surfers. Surfing is a water sport and a recreational activity. Nosara is a small town with a myriad of activities lined up for tourists and locals. The atmosphere is so calm, comfortable and cool especially because it has beaches with tides that are perfect for surfing.

Learning how to surf in Nosara will not be a pain at all if you look through the following tips:

Register with a Nosara Surf School

As a result of the fact that surfing is a big deal in Nosara, there are several schools that teach the activity. These schools are extremely easy to find and register with. One of these is Aloha Surf Nosara.

These schools offer inclusive packages for any level of surfers – beginners or experts.

The surf instructors are experts, ISA certified, and lifeguard certified.

Depending on the type of package being paid for, surfing boards and the rest of the surfing tools will be provided. Nosara has local markets that sell everything and anything surfing related. The instructors are very homely, and the locals are very friendly.

Private Lessons:
The private session as the name implies is per individual. It could amount to a faster learning process since you have the instructor to yourself. This session package costs more than the other packages.

Semi Private Lessons:

The package consists of 2 people; could be a couple or just friends. This is also a way to bond with your friend. The cost implication is lesser compared to the private lesson.

Group Lessons:

The group lesson surf package allows for 3 – 4 persons. It is the cheapest of the three packages, but it is also effective as well.

Most Nosara surf schools have videographers that take video footage for every surf class and session. The video footage is used to monitor surf performance, thereby identifying what needs to be fixed.

It is always important to register with these surf schools especially if you are new to surfing.

Book a room at a Surf vacation Home or Hotel

Surfing at Nosara is usually early in the morning, hence, it is best to have accommodation that is close to the beaches. Although some surfers arrive Nosara and head straight to Playa Guiones, some come in and spend a few nights.
The accommodation costs vary according to taste as well as the extent of comfort. There are hotel accommodations, a number of hostels as well as surf camps that are really budget friendly.